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Create profit pulling Deals Pages

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No tech skills. No monthly fees. No hosting required

  • Push button deals page creator, no skill required!
  • Dozens of ready-made niche templates!
  • Add countdown timers, quantity boxes and embed video!
  • Built-in traffic technology brings FREE customers!
  • Ready-to-go retargeting technology!
  • 100% mobile-optimized designs!
  • Connects with any our Lead form to build a buyer list!
  • Powerful reporting and page manager backend!
  • Profitable service that clients will pay you for TODAY!
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Tap into a $6 BILLION DOLLAR Deals Industry and Stuff Your Pockets With Cash Today!

If you’re tired of trying to sell complicated SEO, PPC or Design services, then stop what you’re doing and check this out

In the U.S alone, the daily deals industry is worth $6 BILLION dollars... but there’s just one problem. local biz owners are getting RIPPED OFF by Groupon and other deal sites who are taking a huge cut from every sale.

Which means…

You can become a local superhero by setting
up deals pages for biz owners in seconds!

What if you could set up a simple, high converting deal page in seconds with DealzPage right now?

You’d instantly become every local biz owner’s HERO

helping them bypass Groupon and attract tons of buyers…
with a profitable service that takes just a few minutes of your time.

Just look at this

Local Consultants are desperately willing to pay for Deal Site Creation services

There’s thousands more people who need YOUR help creating a deals site right now

These are real people who need your help!

With DealzPage, you could be solving their burning problems in seconds. and get paid buckets of cash in return!

Local business owners HATE Groupon
(which makes you their superhero!)

Horror story

Groupon sends too many orders to a local business and they end up stressed out and losing money!

Horror story

Cafe owner loses $8,000 and spends her own money to pay her staff after Groupon takes a huge chunk of her earnings


Business Owners Don’t Hate Running Deals

They just don’t want sites like Groupon flooding them with too many orders and taking a huge cut out of their sales!

Which is why…

97% of business owners run deals
their own site instead!

(*Which means there are millions of biz owners who need help setting
up effective, money-making deals pages on their site today.)

DealzPage allows you to set up deals
pages on any website

bypassing Groupon and other deal
sites that local biz owners hate!

  • Save hours of backbreaking work and stacks of cash on complicated design tools, plugins and page builder tools!
  • Diversify your income with another valuable service that clients desperately need today (don’t put all your eggs in one basket!)
  • Collect easy cash with a simple service that clients already want, understand and happily pay big bucks for!

What makes DealzPage so powerful?


Create scarcity driven pages that send sales through the roof. Video Embedding, Countdown timers, Limited Quantities and more to help your clients send their sales into overdrive!


Built to look awesome and work perfectly on any screen size or device. Which means more sales and less “leaking traffic.”


No coding or installing additional plugins and tools. It works perfectly, at the push of a button, every time.


Customize everything or just use the templates out of the box. It’s perfect for both beginners and advanced marketers.


Unlike most page builder tools, DealzPage doesn’t come with monthly fees and extra hidden costs. Plus, there’s no hosting fees either.


Get real customers to the deal page for free, without paid ads or screwing with SEO, content marketing or any of the usual crap!

Deals pages is a simple local service
you can start selling AS SOON AS TONIGHT!

Forget backbreaking, risky and hard-to-sell services like SEO, PPC, web design or lead gen.

With DealzPage you can create a beautiful deals page in seconds, ready to collect payment from your client in minutes, and get them leads and new customers in hours from now!

In the past, creating a deals page like this would have taken you hours of hard work and hassle, not to mention hundreds in software tools!

Now it takes just 60 seconds

and without all those expensive tools clogging your CPU!

Checkout our 60 second challenge video

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This state of the art deal page creator could send you TOO MANY new clients!

Do NOT use this tool unless you’re prepared for a serious influx of new clients and you’re able to handle all the new orders you’ll be getting.

Because when clients see how quickly you’re creating stunning deals pages that attract new customers and cash for local biz owners

they’re going to be banging on your door for a piece of the action!

Local business owners will hail you as their superhero.

Your friends and family will be shocked how easy you’re making money.

You could even make new enemies

Your competitors may become jealous and angry with how many clients you’re getting and how fast you’re doing the work (while it takes them hours or even days to get each page done manually.)

DealzPage is a brand-new and EXCLUSIVE
technology you won’t find anywhere else!

This deal page creator technology is not available anywhere else. Nobody has created anything like this before. It’s the most powerful and ONLY deal page creator of its kind on the market today!

Choose from multiple niche templates

Become a local superhero for clients who can’t afford Groupon

Local biz owners will bite your arm off to set up a deal page without getting screwed over by Groupon. And it takes just minutes for you to create!

Avoid hours of design and coding and
create deals pages in seconds

Creating deals pages couldn’t be any easier or quicker than this.

Just point, click and profit.

Plus, you’ll save hundreds of dollars on monthly page builders and other design tools too! With DealzPage, you don’t need them anymore!

Now is your chance to get real results and kickstart a profitable business creating fun little deal pages with the push of a button.

No clients? No problem!

Use DealzPage to create your own deals pages to attract tidal waves of buyers fast

Anyone can use DealzPage to profit right now including:

Local Consultant


Product launchers

eCom stores


And heaps more!

If you want to run a deal that attracts tons of new customers and stuffs your wallet with cash, DealzPage makes it happen in seconds.

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The perfect “foot in the door” service that wins clients like clockwork

Forget trying to pitch SEO or other complicated, slow results services.

Right now, 97% of businesses are running deals…

and those who aren’t?

They soon will be!

That’s because deals are a TIMELESS sales trick that floods any business with new customers they can sell to, over and over again.

Which means this service sells itself
and offering a simple deals page service is how you can finally attract dozens of new clients with a no-brainer “foot in the door” service today.

Stop killing yourself with complicated services that biz
owners don’t even want and start creating simple deals pages that clients need today!

DealzPage is easy to use and creates high converting scarcity driven deal pages in less than 60 SECONDS!

Quick & Easy

Create and publish attractive deal pages in under 60 seconds. No hosting, no learning curves, no hidden costs, no hassles.

Total Customization

DealzPage is easy to use. Just point and click to create stunning, cash-producing deals pages in seconds. There’s plenty of easy customization options available too.

Pro Templates

Instantly access 10 high converting, ready to use deal page templates in high paying niches. Convert visitors like crazy with scarcity timers, video and stacks more features that turn clicks into cash!

Video Embedding

Insert any video into your deals page in a single click or tap, including YouTube videos. Perfect for product demos, VSLs and more.

Connect with our lead form

Build a hit buyers list for your client on autopilot. Enter your our lead form details and DealzPage will hook everything up, so your new page is collecting emails from day one. Perfect for sending coupon codes, access instructions and upsell offers!

Try it 100% Risk Free

“Wait… is this REALLY the only
tool that can do all this?”

In a word, YES

There are no other deals page creators that come close to what DealzPage can do for you.

And most of them are a total PAIN

WordPress plugins are clunky, buggy, hard to edit and lack dozens of the features you’ll have at your disposal in DealzPage.

Landing page tools are expensive and there’s always a steep learning curve to use them. Plus, you have to build pages from scratch and format for mobile devices. It sounds easy, until you’re 3hrs into a single page and pulling your hair out with technical glitches!

No need to blow cash on freelancers!


freelancers could build a deal page for you

but it’s going to eat up your profit margins forcing you to raise your prices and lose clients!

DealzPage is a one-time investment that will pay for itself for years to come, allowing you to create pages in seconds without eating up your profits!

Which means

There’s NOTHING holding you back from making hundreds of dollars per day with DealzPage!

Can you type an email?

Can you push a couple of buttons?

Then you’ve already got all the “tech skills” you need to create cash-pumping deals pages for local biz owners tonight with DealzPage.

Unlike other tools, there’s

No learning curves.

No special skills required.

No complicated dashboards.

Creating deals pages for local biz owners is a
simple service that sells itself

and it’s a proven, in-demand and high
value service that biz owners are paying for right now

And it’s GUARANTEED to work for you, or your money back.


Our friendly support team are on standby to help, if you ever get stuck (very unlikely considering how simple this tool is to use!)

We’ve got step by step guides to get your page built in seconds.

If you’re not making jaw droppingly EASY cash with DealzPage, you’re covered by a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.

Stop Paying $100’s per month for page builders!

Sure, you could use a landing page builder to
create a deals page, but there’s a few problems:

It will cost you anywhere from $49-$199 per month!

You still need to add premium plugins to make the deal page work properly.

You need to spend hours creating designs from scratch.

If you cancel your subscriptions, you lose everything.

And sure, you could pay freelancers to build your deals page, but it might cost you up to $120 per page… plus days of going back and forth with them.

Here’s why deals pages is one of the easiest and most profitable services you can offer in 2020

It’s simple. Deals pages allow your clients to:

  • Attract waves of new customers and sales
  • Get their deals to the top of Google and all over social media
  • Clear old stock fast and make room in their stores and warehouses
  • Funnel buyers into profitable upsells and bank big cash!

That’s why 97% of businesses run deals

and now you can help thousands of biz owners to set up their own deals page on their website in seconds

and collect bags of cash in return!

How much money can you make per day with DealzPage?

Well, we can’t make any promises or guarantees because it depends whether you actually use it… and take consistent action every day. But let’s say you only get 2 new clients per month.

That could put an extra $200 in your pocket, for just a few minutes of your time.

Plus all the other backend services you can sell to those clients, which could
result in tens of thousands in extra revenue this month alone!

Now, what if you had 2 clients per week?

That would be an extra $800 per month.

And 2 clients per day?

A whopping $6,100 per month!

And that’s assuming you ONLY charge $100 per
client for their deals page.

The truth is, you could probably charge FIVE TIMES that amount without any resistance from clients.

Already got clients?

Then you’re just one email away from landing multiple orders from them… as they scramble to get their own deals page set up today.

The question is, can you afford to walk away from thousands of extra dollars and an easy local service that thousands of biz owners want right now?

DealzPage is packed with sales-getting technology you won’t find anywhere else


Boost your client’s sales with engaging designs and layouts, pixel perfect pricing sections, sales-boosting countdown timers and limited quantity warnings.


Cutting-edge, modern designs and mobile responsive pages will build trust and look awesome on any device or screen size.


Quickly create attractive thank you pages which can be used to send receipt info, instructions for claiming offer, next steps, or even an upsell offer!


Your clients can instantly share their deals page across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more in seconds, with DealzPage’s ONE-CLICK social sharing technology!


You or your clients can easily edit, manage and update deals including expiry date, pricing, quantity left and countdown timer settings.


Edit the deal page, section by section. So easy to use that a complete newbie and non-techie can do it!


Edit text in seconds, with a huge choice of font styling options at your disposal.


See quick reports on visitors and conversion rates for each deal page. Perfect for showing clients that your deal pages are worth the investment!


Use hot countdown timers to boost sales like crazy.


Change page keywords, title tags and descriptions for each deal page, sending your client’s pages to the top of Google and bringing in more traffic and cash, month after month!


Stop losing sales from people who don’t buy on first visit. Built-in retargeting technology allows you to easily retarget visitors with Adroll and Facebook to bring in cheap traffic that converts like crazy! No coding or tech skills required.

Try it 100% Risk Free

We’ll even show you how to get your first paying client as soon as tonight!

Yep, that’s right… we know where your dream clients are hiding online and we’ll show you how to land at least one of them tonight. It’s all in your training inside your DealzPage dashboard.

Yep, a real client. Handing you real cash. For a deal page you can really create in just 60 seconds.

(It’s up to you how much you charge them… but we recommend at least $100.)

And if you can’t wait, here’s another tip:

Quora is packed with people that need help creating deals pages. Jump on and show them how you can help in your answer… just don’t tell them you’re using DealzPage -- it’s our little secret, OK?

Grab DealzPage today and we’ll go into more depth about where to find free leads and ready-to-buy clients in minutes from now.


This is your ONLY chance to get DealzPage at this shocking low price today

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Can you afford to walk away empty handed?

It’s a fact

you’re losing money if you’re not offering clients this simple deals page service.

Right now, other marketers like you are using DealzPage to create awesome deals pages for their clients in seconds… collecting cash for easy work.

Can you afford to leave this easy money on the table?

Creating deals pages has never been easier or cheaper than this!

  • You don’t need to spend hours and days coding, designing and building deals pages the hard way.
  • You don’t need to spend $100’s per month on landing page builders, plus all the extra plugins to make deals pages with them.
  • You don’t need to waste time and money going back and forth with freelancers.

Stop juggling different tools, logins and subscriptions trying to make everything work together (and still missing half the features that DealzPage offers!)

Test-drive DealzPage today and see how fast, easy and affordably you create deals pages that make your clients more money than ever.

We take care of our Customers. Period

  • We update DealzPages regularly so it works perfectly, no matter what happens.
  • It’s compatible with all browsers, devices and screen sizes.
  • It’s 100% cloud-based so you can create deals pages from anywhere in the world.

As long as there are customers who want deals, there will always be a need for deals pages!

The demand for deals pages is not slowing down. Clients will always want to create deals pages because it’s human nature for people to want things at amazing prices.

Making this a totally evergreen business that can keep stuffing cash in your pocket for years to come.

No hidden costs, ever.

No other tools required.

No freelancers required.

No training courses required.

No hosting required.

Nothing to install.

Just login to the dashboard and start creating money-making deal pages in seconds!

This should be the easiest decision you’ve ever made

Right now, you have two choices

You can keep trying to sell complicated services to clients who can’t afford it.

And, if you decide to create deal pages for clients, you can brave it alone, trying to build a deal page by hacking together all kinds of expensive tools, plugins and messy code that could easily break down on you.

You can blow hundreds per month on landing page tools that require design skills and heaps of time to build deal pages from scratch (and still lack tons of features and client-getting training that our tool offers for a one-time fee.)

And you can spend hours going back and forth with freelancers, paying more than you have to for each deal page design.

Or, you can make this a whole lot easier

You can invest a few pennies today to get your hands on the fastest, most powerful all-in-one deal page creator tool for 2020

Packed with

  • Scarcity tools
  • Dozens of high converting niche templates
  • Built-in traffic technology
  • Backend management screens
  • Full customization and editing
  • Video embedding
  • Mobile optimized layouts
  • Step by step training to get paying clients tonight

all for a one-time-only fee!

Enough said.

No time to waste
this deal is about to end any moment.

We’ll see you inside!

Thank you for reading this message.

We look forward to hearing your success with DealzPage.

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  • Video enabled pages

  • Detailed Statistics

  • Ready made Thank You Page template

  • Connect with any our Lead form

  • Scarcity Timer

  • Social Sharing

  • Thank You Page Builder

  • Mobile Friendly

  • Quantity Scarcity


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